Who’s the biggest name from your hometown? Interactive map shows Scotland’s most notable figures including Sean Connery and Annie Lennox

A first-of-its-kind interactive map has been developed which reveals the most famous people born in your area - from legendary actors and artists to historical figures and more.

You may find many people are proud to be from the same area as a famous person.

In Scotland, if you’ve ever visited Dunblane you’ll know “Andy Murray grew up here” is a commonly referenced fact.

This week, an amazing interactive map has been released that shows the birthplaces of the world’s ‘most notable people’.

It uses data from Wikipedia and Wikidata to calculate this notability, and it was further developed by researchers from Paris University, with senior map designer Topi Tjukanov putting the visualisation together.

For example, it reveals that Freddie Mercury (born in Tanzania) is the most notable person from Zanzibar.

But who are Scotland’s most ‘notable’ people and where were they born? Here’s a list of 12 big names from Scotland according to this cutting-edge map.

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