When is Mother's Day in the UK? Here's why the UK date is different and what mums would like as a gift

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Mother's Day is celebrated on different days around the world. Here's when it falls in the UK and what gifts you could give your loved ones to celebrate.

Making sure that you've got the right day for Mother's Day can save a lot of last minute panic and stress - especially for those looking to find the perfect gift.

The supermarkets may be full of chocolates, flowers and cute cards, but with the date changing each year based on the lunar calendar it isn't always easy to keep track of when the day falls.

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Mother's Day typically falls around the same time as Easter in the UK, and while it started out with religious links, now it is a way for families to express gratitude toward mums.

Here's when Mother's Day in the UK falls in 2024 - and why it's different elsewhere - and a guide to what mums really want on Mother's Day.

When is Mother’s Day in the UK?

Mother's Day in the UK takes place on Sunday, March 10 2024.

Also known as Mothering Sunday, the UK celebration takes place during the fourth Sunday of the Christian period of fasting, Lent, which takes place just after Pancake Day.

What is Mother’s Day?

While it is now known as Mother's Day, in the UK the holiday began as Mothering Sunday.

The custom began in the Middle Ages, when people who had moved away from home returned to their "mother" churches on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Children would leave home for work as early as ten years old, and it became an opportunity for families to reunite.

Why is Mother’s Day different in other countries?

In the UK Mother's Day is steeped in Christian tradition which dictates when it is celebrated, but this isn't the case around the world. Dates, traditions and histories for Mother's Day vary from place to place.

In the US, Mother's Day was created by a woman called Anna Jarvis in 1907 following the death of her own mother and the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year.

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In countries such as Nigeria and Ireland you'll find the event celebrated on the same day as the UK, while in Russia, Vietnam and Afghanistan the holiday is often marked on International Women's Day on March 8.

In this Italian postcard from 1908 three siblings prepare a surprise for the Mother's Day. Image: GettyIn this Italian postcard from 1908 three siblings prepare a surprise for the Mother's Day. Image: Getty
In this Italian postcard from 1908 three siblings prepare a surprise for the Mother's Day. Image: Getty | Getty Images

What do mothers want for Mother’s Day?

In the UK giving flowers has been a tradition since the festivity began in the Middle Ages, and shops are flooded with bouquets as well as boxes of chocolates around Mother's Day. But there has been plenty of research into gifts mums would appreciate on Mother's Day.

In 2023, a study commissioned by Moonpig and in partnership with Lego found that what 42% of mums really craved was some alone time. In a busy world and with children - no matter the age - sometimes a relaxing evening to themselves is all a mum really needs on Mother's Day; especially with 10% of respondents sharing that they would enjoy nipping to the toilet in peace.

On the other hand, previous research has also found that all some mums would like is to spend quality time with their children - though chocolates, jewellery or an experience planned especially for mum perhaps wouldn't go awry.

So whatever shape your family takes, you should hopefully have Mother's Day in hand.



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