What are the most popular baby names in Scotland?

HOW popular is your first name? Official data from National Records Scotland reveals the most popular baby names in Scotland over the last five years.

Mums and babies at this year's Scottish Week Baby Show.

Jack and Emily were the most popular baby names in Scotland in 2014.

Jack has held the top spot for the boys since 2008 whereas Emily has newly nabbed the lead after toppling Sophie, which has been the most popular girls’ name in Scotland from 2005-13.

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According to data from National Records Scotland, last year saw a slight rise in the recorded Scottish birth rate as 56,725 bundles of joy were welcomed into the world, a 1.3 per cent increase from 2013. Out of the 2014 newborns 51 per cent were boys and 49 per cent were girls.

Most popular baby names in Scotland. Picture: NRS

In total 7,428 names were recorded for both genders in 2014. A figure that continues to increase as more and more parents opt for names which are different.

The ever popular Jack, again remains ahead of all other boys names for the seventh year running after 583 parents opted to use the name for their baby boys (2.0 per cent of all boys born in 2014). Oliver, the most popular name for boys in England and Wales, came at number four on the Scottish list behind James and Lewis.

The fastest climbers in the Top 20 for the boys are Noah, Max, Adam, (all up six places), Aaron (up eight places) and Cameron (up four places).

For the girls, Emily has risen from third to overtake Sophie as the most popular girls’ name in Scotland for the first time. Last year 569 baby girls were named Emily which makes up 2.1 per cent of the girls born in 2014. Olivia and Isla were third and fourth respectively whereas Amelia -the most popular girls’ name in England and Wales- came in at seventh on the Scottish list.

On the rise in the girls’ Top 20 are Grace, Anna(both up five places), Freya and Eilidh (both rose four places).

New entries to the Scottish top 20 in 2014 included the boys’ names Cameron and Aaron and the girls’ names Eilidh and Anna.

The top 50 names for boys accounted for 41 per cent of all the boys forenames registered in 2014 and the top 50 girls names make up 3 per cent for girls born last year.

Off course every year there are hundreds of babies born with truly unique names. Some of the baby boys’ names that were only used once in the entire year include: August, Dave, Geo, Moor and Spartacus. For the girls the names Bliss, Fox, Godstreasure, Rock and Texas were all among the hundreds of girls names that were unique to one child.