What about Glasgow? Nadine Dorries appears to forget about Glasgow hosted 2014 Commonwealth Games in BBC interview

Nadine Dorries appeared to forget that Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2014, stating that the UK had not seen a sense of sporting occasion for the 2022 Games since the 2012 London Olympics.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary stated was full of praise for the event being held in Birmingham – but appeared to forget that the last time the UK hosted the Games was Glasgow 2014.

Dorries appeared in a BBC interview ahead of the opening ceremony of the Games which is being hosted in the West Midlands.

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She told news channel: "I arrived last night and the city is buzzing today. It's fantastic to see.

"I don't think we've had a sense of occasion, particularly a sense of sporting occasion, like this since the 2012 Olympics. It's amazing for Birmingham, and for the West Midlands, and for sport itself.

"It's a great day and it's exciting."

Many where quick to point out that Dorries mentioned the London 2012 Olympics, and not the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, which were held two years later becoming the largest sporting event ever held in Scotland.

One social media commentator mocked Dorries writing: “What, did the 2014 Commonwealth Games not happen in Scotland? Or did it just not register or matter?"

Nadine Dorries appeared to forget the Glasgow 2014 Games telling BBC News: “We haven’t had a sporting event like this in the UK since the 2012 Olympics"

Another asked: “Do the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow not count as a ‘British’ sporting event, then @NadineDorries?”

One social media user surmised stating: “"Oh dear Nadine, seems she forgot Scotland is part of the UK".

Another added: “Yet another foot-in-mouth moment for @NadineDorries”

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An English social media user even questioned whether the Commonwealth Games was the biggest event in the UK at the current moment, writing: “Even if she just meant England, we are currently hosting the Women’s Euros, which we are just about to play in the final of”

In a separate interview with Sky News the Nadine Dorries defended the £778 million cost of hosting the Commonwealth Games at a time when families face rising bills and mounting difficulties.

She told Sky News from Birmingham: “It’s not a vanity project… This is hugely important.

“I think we are proud and honoured to have picked up the baton when it was dropped elsewhere in the world and to continue to run these Commonwealth Games in the amazing way that we have done. "

The interview was then interrupted by an off-camera altercation.

The Cabinet minister was speaking to Sky News live from Birmingham when the sound of a dispute could be heard in the background.

She said: “I’m sorry, Kay, the Government… I’m afraid we’re going to have to go now,” she said.

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She told the presenter: “The cameraman’s in a bit of trouble.”