Some of the stranger items left in Scottish wills.Some of the stranger items left in Scottish wills.
Some of the stranger items left in Scottish wills.

Weird Bequests: Here are 10 of the strangest items left in Scottish wills - including an octopus

The more unusual items were left to loved ones in Scotland.

Austin Lafferty Solicitors has revealed a list of some of the more obscure bequests made by people when making their will.

The firm of solicitors is keen to highlight that every adult with savings, investments, life insurance, property or notable possessions should have a valid will in place as it is the only way to direct exactly who is to get what after you die - especially if your belongings or wishes are somewhat unusual.

John Roberts, Partner and Director at Austin Lafferty Solicitors, said: “Dying without a will can end up costing your family dear - both in terms of legal fees to determine how your assets should be split, as well as the emotional toll if your family can’t agree on who has claim to which possessions or inheritance.

“When we contemplate our own passing, our financial assets can seem somewhat arbitrary and it’s the sentimental items that can feel like they matter more. Therefore, we often find that our clients put as much effort into deciding who should inherit certain items as they do larger sums of money.” 

He added: “It’s not just the rich and famous who leave unusual things or have unorthodox requests when they die. We’ve had discussions with our clients about all sorts of weird and wonderful bequests and the more bizarre, the more important it is to consider who we want to be the future guardians of significant items.”

Here are 10 of the odder things left by the recently-deceased.

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