Watermans taking the plunge for charity

Watermans, the Edinburgh-based law firm and estate agency, is gearing itself up for a charity skydive next month in aid of Cash For Kids when managing director Scott Whyte will lead a group of 22 fearless volunteers who will jump out of a plane 10,000 feet above the Fife countryside on Thursday, May 2.

They will reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour during 30 seconds of freefall before landing safely back on solid ground.

Also participating in the Watermans Skydive are colleagues from other companies including Hunter Wealth Management, Shepherds Surveyors, Electrical Asset Services, Prop Cap Finance, Simpson Motors and Foz Sports.

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Watermans, which has branches in Glasgow and Dundee, aims to raise as much money as possible to help ensure schoolchildren have enough food to eat during the summer holidays.

Skydivers include (l-r): Evie Brown, Audrey McKenzie, Lauren Marshall and Scott Whyte.Skydivers include (l-r): Evie Brown, Audrey McKenzie, Lauren Marshall and Scott Whyte.
Skydivers include (l-r): Evie Brown, Audrey McKenzie, Lauren Marshall and Scott Whyte.

“The thought of jumping out of a plane and plunging to the ground is nerve-racking for all of us who have agreed to do it, but it’s all in aid of such a good cause,” said Scott. “The free lunches children get in school are often the only meal some may have that day. This leaves 90 days of school holidays per year where children could go hungry, rising to 170 days when you include weekends.

“Cash for Kids is there to help those in need who are right on our doorsteps and we’re delighted - if a bit nervous - to play our part!

“Watermans is incredibly grateful for the opportunity and to be in the position to help. I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far for their generosity and encourage others to dig deep to help combat holiday hunger in our area where, unfortunately, one in four children are living in poverty.

“Their voices are often ignored and their needs are often left unattended but together we can all help make a difference. These are the kids who wouldn’t get Christmas presents or wouldn’t get a proper meal during the school holiday if it wasn’t for the work of this amazing charity.

“I am covering the cost of the skydive so every single penny raised in donations will go straight to Cash For Kids.”

Donations can be made here:

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