WATCH: The moment yobs throw stone through OAP's window

This is the moment that two thugs throw stones at an OAP's window, for the fourth in time in as many months.

The pair were captured on CCTV at around 11:30pm on Thursday and have reportedly been making Colin Hairs’ life “hell” in a feud that began in March.

The youths have repeatedly thrown stones through the bedroom windows of Mr Hairs’ house on Mountcastle Terrace, where he has lived for 45 years.

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The 74-year-old has spent thousands in reinforced glass and CCTV as preventative measures to no avail. Each new window pane has cost him £265 to replace, however it is the worry inflicted by the vendetta that is taking its toll on Mr Hairs and his family.

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Teen thugs target OAP as window smashed four times

Mr Hairs said: “The stones are being thrown and if it goes straight through the window it could hit my son. Do we have to wait until one of the stones hits him and fractures his skull?

The feud began when one of Mr Hairs’ sons confronted the duo as they were making snowballs in his front garden.

“My son went out and told them to get out the garden and they gave him a load of abuse. He chased them away,” Mr Hairs explained.

Colin Harris says teenagers have a vendetta against him and his family.Colin Harris says teenagers have a vendetta against him and his family.
Colin Harris says teenagers have a vendetta against him and his family.

The problem appears to be getting worse.

Mr Hairs said: “They’ve even broken through the hardened glass as well as double glazing. The rocks are getting bigger too, the last one being the size of my hand. It seems they have a vendetta now and just want to make our lives hell.

“I have lived here for 45 years and it has always been a quiet street. I’ve never had anything like this before. I go out and don’t know what I’m going to come back to. I’m a pensioner with angina – I don’t need this.”

Despite showing police CCTV footage, he claims he was told the picture was not clear enough for an identification.

Mr Hairs is growing frustrated with the police’s response to his family’s crisis.

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He added: “My son phoned the police and they said they may come round the next day. Nothing happened so I went to Craigmillar Police Station on Saturday and an officer told me they’ll try get someone round Monday or Tuesday. No one has been.

“I know resources are stretched but we are being victimised and it is getting beyond a joke. They have to be stopped.

“We don’t believe we deserve this abuse and we should not be made to feel like this in our home. I have contacted police now four times and something needs to be done.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “We had a report on August 9 in relation to damage to a home on Mountcastle Terrace. Inquiries are ongoing.”