Tyre Extinguishers target SUVs in Dundee ‘disarming’ ten vehicles overnight

Climate activists have struck in Dundee by bursting car tyres to highlight the pollution problems caused by SUVs.

The group Tyre Extinguishers struck on Tuesday night as Scotland experienced its hottest day on record, with the campaigners hitting out at SUV owners for contributing to the climate crisis.

Ten SUVs were deflated in the Broughty Ferry area in Dundee – a location Tyre Extinguishers had already targeted this year.

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They claimed the action taken was necessary, saying: “We must end the pollution ourselves.”

Cars have been targeted across ScotlandCars have been targeted across Scotland
Cars have been targeted across Scotland
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Fifty-five SUVs were separately targeted in Bristol on the same night.

One of the members of the self-organised group from Bristol, Nat, said: “Anti-theft dust caps won’t protect you. Sell your SUV instead and act like this is the emergency it is. It won’t be long until the heatwave fires destroy it anyway.”

In Edinburgh, many SUV tyres have been deflated.

Leaflets are being left on their windscreens with the message: “It’s not you, it’s your car”.