Tributes paid to a experience climber Rob Brown who died after accident on Ben Nevis

Tributes have been paid to a experience climber who died following a tragic accident on Ben Nevis.
Tributes have been paid to Rob BrownTributes have been paid to Rob Brown
Tributes have been paid to Rob Brown

Rob Brown died on the North face of Ben Nevis on Friday when out climbing.

Members of the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team retrieved Rob's body and belongings from the mountain.

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A statement about Rob’s death was posted on his social media page following “tragic accident that couldn’t have been prevented” that saw Rob lose his life.

The Facebook post read: “On Friday 29th July 2022 we lost Rob to a climbing accident on the North Face of Ben Nevis.

“It was a beautiful day and he was excited to enjoy it in the mountains, as he always loved doing with his free time.

“Anyone that knows Rob knows he is experienced, calm, confident and not a risk-taker on the hill and Friday was no different.

“It was a tragic accident that couldn’t have been prevented and we want everyone to know it was quick and painless for him. He left us whilst having a great day out and was happy and content with his life.

“We are all absolutely heartbroken and devastated that he has had to leave us when he had so much more life left to give and with such an exciting future ahead.

“We are grateful for everyone that has reached out to us so far - to help and support us in so many ways - whilst we navigate the unimaginable.”

It continued: “Thank you to the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team members who helped retrieve Rob and his belongings.

“Many of whom knew Rob personally and we are so grateful.

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“We would like to host a celebration of Rob’s life in the next few weeks and will share plans and a date when we can.

“It would mean the world to all of us if you knew Rob and could join, to help share your memories and stories of him.”

The Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team also paid tribute, writing on social media: “It’s been an extremely hard few days for the team and we’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who’s supported Robs family and friends in this difficult time.”

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