'They could easily have killed someone' - Residents of Scottish village left 'incensed' as sports cars race past their homes at 'ridiculous speeds'

Residents in a scenic Scottish village were left “incensed” when a line of five sports cars drove past their homes at “ridiculous speeds.”

The cars – a Ferrari, two Porsches and two Mercedes – were pictured on Sunday afternoon in Lochgoilhead, which sits at the northern tip of Loch Goil in Argyll and Bute and lies within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

One local resident, known only as Gerald, told The Scotsman he was sitting in his garden overlooking the road at the time. He said he heard the engine noise coming from about a mile away and went down to wave at the drivers to slow down as they went past – but they just put the foot down.

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Gerald said he was left “incensed” by their reaction and went out in his car to try and reason with the drivers but, after hearing the engines up ahead, turned around and escorted them back towards his house at a safe speed.

The cars were driven through Lochgoilhead on Sunday.
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The legal speed limit on the single track road, which runs between Lochgoilhead and Carrick and comes to a dead end, changes from 30mph to 60mph by his house, but he stressed it is full of blind corners and humps and that drivers shouldn’t go above 40mph.

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He said: “You can not do the national limit on that road, it would be completely nuts.

“The whole village is up in arms about it. It’s not just the fact people are driving too fast but people are breaking lockdown when we are all making significant efforts to confine ourselves to not see our family and are all doing our bit to stick to the rules.

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Another Mercedes and a Porsche.

"Regardless of lockdown, it’s completely irresponsible.”

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‘They could have easily killed someone’

Gerald said that because of the current lockdown measures, which ask people to stay at home unless for essential reasons like getting food, medicine and daily exercise, more people in the village have been walking along the road with traffic being lighter.

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He also said his four-year-old child could have walked onto the road if he were chasing a ball or their pet dog, for instance.

Three of the sports cars - a Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes - drive along the road on Sunday.
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Gerald continued: “The speed they were going at was uncontrollable and if someone had stepped out they would not have been able to stop.

"They easily could have killed someone or struck an animal, or hurt themselves or damaged property."

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Dozens of other village residents took pictures of the vehicles on Sunday and shared their concerns in a local Facebook group.

A post in the group described the vehicles being driven at "ridiculous speeds" and that now is not the time to be putting other road users' lives at risk.

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The sports cars were driven through Lochgoilhead on Sunday.

Gerald said he reported the incident to police late on Sunday afternoon and gave them details on the car makes, models and registration plates - but was told it would be too late to pursue them and there was not enough proof they were speeding.

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He said many of the village residents have been left disappointed by the police response.

Gerald said speeding incidents are rare in the village but he had never seen a line of sports cars being driven like this before.

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However, some residents told him they saw a group of motorcyclists driving at high speed along the road last week.

And there have been further reports of the same group of sports cars, pictured on Sunday, being seen in the Greenock area the following day.

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Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.