'There's a pig on the line' - Police and rail workers try to catch wild boar on Scots railway line

Police and rail workers in North Lanarkshire have been busy trying to catch a wild boar which made its way onto part of the railway line this evening.

It is understood the animal escaped from Wishaw Abattoir Ltd, located close to the railway line.

The official ScotRail twitter account initially shared a post at 7:35pm which read: "There's a pig (yes, you read that right) on the line at Wishaw. Police and @NetworkRailSCOT

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are trying to capture it right now, so our Glasgow Central - Lanark services won't be calling at Wishaw for the moment."

A subsequent tweet said that the rail operator has since been informed the animal is a wild boar.

A ScotRail spokesman said they understand the animal has escaped from a nearby abattoir.

The rail operator’s twitter post has already drawn several comments on the social media platform.

Among the comments was one from someone called Jools, who quipped: "Stop telling porkies."

The wild boar concerned.