Tesco ditch '˜price match' guarantee

Tesco has scrapped their price match promise stating that the promise is no longer as relevant as it was in 2015 when it was introduced.
Tesco have ditched their price promiseTesco have ditched their price promise
Tesco have ditched their price promise

Under the scheme Tesco customers were offered a price match on branded products, with shoppers being given a refund of the difference at the checkout when carrying out a shop of more than 10 items.

The scheme, branded the ‘price match promise’ has now been dropped with the supermarket reporting that fewer than one in eight transactions now got any refund at all.

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Alessandra Bellini, Tesco chief customer officer told the FT “Since Brand Guarantee launched in 2015, we have continued to invest in simpler, lower everyday prices.
“As a result, the scheme is far less relevant for our customers today, and so we are withdrawing it as we focus on offering customers even more straightforward value for money at the shelf edge.”

Tesco have offered cheaper prices with their Farm Brand lines offering cheaper produce and meat sell for around the same prices as Aldi and Lidl products, thus, the ‘price match’ has become less effective.