Stressed consumers turn to lavender to combat effects of political strife

The sale of prestige lavender-based beauty products in the UK reported a sixfold increase in sales in the first four months of this year as people turn to natural relaxation products to combat the effects of political turmoil.
Demand for products made from lavender, such as that seen in this field in France, is increasing.Demand for products made from lavender, such as that seen in this field in France, is increasing.
Demand for products made from lavender, such as that seen in this field in France, is increasing.

Products based on 'aromatherapeutic' ingredients have reported a similar increase in sales in the skincare sector in the period January to the end of April when compared to the same period in 2018.

The report from the NPD Group said that a growth in sales of these aromatherapy-based beauty products demonstrates a return to comforting, nurturing, heritage ingredients which are central to the ‘mindful beauty’ ritual, popular on social media and amongst wellness bloggers.

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The hashtag ‘mindfulbeauty’ has been used over 26,000 times on Instagram as people share their mindful rituals which combine ‘slow beauty’ with mindful gestures, breathing techniques and meditation.

These products include cleansers, masks, moisturisers and mists to bath and body favourites like soaks, bath and body oils, body and hand creams.

June Jensen, director at NPD UK Beauty says: “2019 has been a challenging year for many people and in uncertain times, customers return to natural, heritage ingredients and products that offer a comforting, nurturing effect on skin, body and soul. The emergence of the Mindful Beauty trend is a response to the need to achieve solace and self-care in beauty rituals that calm the mind, cleanse the skin and offer a little ‘me-time’ during the morning, evening and weekend beauty ritual.

"This demand is obvious and represents a new opportunity for both retailers and beauty brands. Naturally, brands can embrace this trend by infusing their new products with heritage, healing ingredients. While bricks and mortar retail stores have the opportunity to create immersive brand experiences which engage all of the senses.”

Susan Tait, who runs lavender firm Lothian Lavender in Gifford, said that the popularity of products made from lavender was growing.

She said: “Demand has been growing every year since we started in 2010. There is a very big following for lavender, especially in America and it is growing.

People have previously thought of it as an old fashioned thing, but there is an awful lot of research in the use of it and the benefits is can bring.”

The analysis from NPD found that while the sale of lavender products rose by 552 per cent, the sale of rose-based beauty products increased by six per cent and lemongrass infused products increased in by five per cent over the same period. Frankincense was a stellar performer in this category, where products formulated with this traditional constituent, said to relieve stress and anxiety, increased sales by over 200 per cent.

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