Street names chosen for Banchory eco village

Three new streets in Banchory are to be named after people featured in painted ceilings at Crathes Castle.
Plans for the self-sufficient neighbourhood was approved last November.Plans for the self-sufficient neighbourhood was approved last November.
Plans for the self-sufficient neighbourhood was approved last November.

Names were needed for streets at the recently approved Woodend eco village on the outskirts of the town.

The housing developers had suggested using the names Clio, Thalia and Calliope from paintings on the ceiling of the 16th Century castle’s Muses Room.

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The muses are the daughters of Greek God Zeus and are said to preside over the arts and sciences.

The proposed monikers were sent to Drumoak and Durris Community Council and Marr councillors for their views.

But members of the community council didn’t support them and put forward their own suggestions instead.

They believed that the names “weren’t appropriate” as anyone not familiar with the area wouldn’t know who the names referred to.

Members asked for Coyburn, Bennieburn, Denwood and Carleith to be used in a nod to features in the local area.

But they were told Coyburn and Bennieburn were “not suitable” as other streets nearby already use them.

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Marr area committee recently approved the names.

Councillor Ann Ross supported the developer’s names and asked that the committee approve them.

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She argued that the names were appropriate as the development lies on the border of Crathes.

The committee unanimously agreed with her, and the National Trust has since expressed its “excitement”…

The historic castle was owned by the Burnett family for more than 350 years before it was handed over to the National Trust for Scotland in 1951.

The National Trust said the new street names were “very exciting” and thanked the developers and councillors for making the decision.

A spokesman for the conservation charity said: “This considerate naming will help introduce new families to the rich heritage of the area and reflects the national importance of the cherished Crathes ceilings.”

Plans for the eco village were approved by the Marr area committee last November.

A total of 32 homes, a mix of two to five-bedroom properties, will be built on a site off Harestone Road.

The self-sufficient neighbourhood will be located near the Barn and Tesco superstore.

Every home will be fitted with an air source heat pump for hot water and heating while solar thermal panels will be installed to provide energy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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