Single mum who battled MND died on Christmas Eve, aged 29

A brave single mum who battled MND died on Christmas Eve aged just 29 years old.
Jennifer Bell, 28, with daughters Georgia, eight, and Kacey, one.Jennifer Bell, 28, with daughters Georgia, eight, and Kacey, one.
Jennifer Bell, 28, with daughters Georgia, eight, and Kacey, one.

Mum-of-two Jennifer Bell was only diagnosed in March 2019 but her condition rapidly deteriorated and she moved into a hospice in May this year.

She was pregnant with daughter Kacey, now aged two, when she began to find her speech was slurring, but was told it was likely to be pregnancy hormones.

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Jennifer was in her final year of her nursing degree and also raising daughter Georgia, now aged nine, when her life was upside down.

She was diagnosed after giving birth to Kacey but kept a positive outlook throughout and doted on her little girls.

She described being able to spend last Christmas with her daughters as 'a miracle', and said at the time: "I feel blessed.

"We are having a big family dinner for Christmas so we are very excited.

"I just feel at peace, happy and content that I'm so well and getting to cherish a very special day with my girls and all my family."

Glamorous Jennifer, from Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, wrote public posts about her battle with MND and joked that her speech had been affected as she was so 'mouthy'.

She visited ten countries in ten months following the diagnosis and swam with dolphins, as well as making boxes for her daughters to open on milestones such as 18th and 21st birthdays and at their weddings.

And Jennifer described having to stay in the house for three months at the start of the lockdown as a time spent watching Peppa Pig with her kids or making TikTok videos.

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But in May she moved into a Marie Curie hospice to be cared for.

Jennifer wrote: "My speech is terrible but that's probably a blessing like I said everything happens for a reason if you're mouthy that's the first thing that's going to go right?

"Not being able to shout sweary words at people that piss you off is probably one of the hardest parts.

"Anyway who'd of known a year on and I'd still be here now living through a global pandemic because someone ate a bat I'm now isolating in my house for three months trying not to get taken out by a virus on top of having another disease, this thing called life is all fun and games eh.

"However I didn't fight this long for 12 months against motor neurone disease for something else to kill me so you'll find me in my living room with my mental weans watching Peppa Pig or making TikToks."

Her dad, David Bell, described Jennifer as his 'darling daughter' as he announced her death on Christmas Eve.

Mr Bell wrote: "Writing this with a very heavy heart, my beautiful daughter Jennifer passed peacefully in the early hours of this morning.

"I want to thank everyone for there support and kindness everyone has shown towards my darling daughter and my family.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marie Curie for the care they gave Jennifer."