Shirley Manson calls in police over Twitter threats

GARBAGE frontwoman Shirley Manson has called in police after being subjected to death threats on Twitter.

The Edinburgh-born singer said she is in fear for her own safety and that of her family after falling victim to a 

A twitter user operating under the name @Gunn2urhead has bombarded Garbage’s account with vile threats against Manson.

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The US-based group’s manager Paul Kremen contacted police, prompting an investigation by detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood division.

And a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has signed a search warrant compelling Twitter executives to surrender information to the LAPD revealing @Gunn2urhead’s identity and location.

The warrant contains details of a statement Edinburgh-born Manson, 45, gave to an LAPD detective in May, stating that she had received upwards of 60 messages a day for the last two weeks.

It reads: “She stated that she is in great fear for her and her family’s safety due to the nature of the threats, the sheer volume of them, and the ‘crazy’ sounding messages being posted towards her.”

The threats started appearing just one day after the multi-million selling rock group released its new album, Not Your Kind of People, in