Scottish Twitter visitor centre at Edinburgh Fringe to showcase hilarious tweets from Scots

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A new visitor centre will open at the Edinburgh Fringe next week to commemorate the best of Scottish Twitter, with a bid to crown Scotland's Funniest Tweet.

Legendary tweets from Scottish Twitter users about everything from marriage, life, hangovers and whether Twirls are just Flakes with a jacket on will all feature at the 'immersive' visitor centre off the Royal Mile set up by the social media giant.

Part comedy, part social commentary, part philosophy, tweets from Scots have long been lauded across the social network, with compilations on news sites of the funniest offerings regularly reaching millions of views, and a 'Scottish People Twitter' forum on Reddit with over 500,000 subscribers.

Coinciding with the Edinburgh Fringe, the centre will feature a stained glass window showing Lewis Capaldi, the singer-songwriter who is as famous for his social media output as his vocal talent.

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Some of Scotland's funniest tweets will also be reimagined as oil paintings, and an interactive timeline will mark some of the most iconic Scottish Twitter moments, such as the coverage of 'Hurricane Bawbag'.

A gift shop will also sell unique Scottish Twitter merchandise, including a tote bag with one user's comment: “Canny believe how expensive being alive is."

Comedians including Fern Brady and Mark Nelson are on a panel which will also officially crown Scotland's funniest tweet, with the winner receiving their own wall of honour at the visitor centre and a gold trophy in the form of the Twitter bird logo.

UK MD at Twitter Dara Nasr said: "There were genuine LOLs in the office as we delved into the #ScottishTwitter conversations - we’re so proud to open the Visitor Centre as a celebration of the insightful, frank, and even philosophical humour of #ScottishTwitter.”

Shortlisted tweets included the following:

Canny believe how expensive being alive is

A twirls just a flake wae a jacket oan

Dreadin the day someone gets down on one knee and asks me to marry them cos a have a hefty double chin when a look down

Absolutely mortified in work asked this boy n girl if they were together as in lit together in the queue and he's lit "aw we're kinda together but it's not official or anythin" that's no wit a meant Hun

F*****g class having a shower at your girlfriends. Using stuff like a charcoal facial scrub and a pomegranate & mango shower milk, I’ve came out the shower smelling like a fresh fruit market on a hot summers day, feeling like a brand new woman. 13/10 would recommend.

Mental that yer nipples are older than yer teeth