Scottish SPCA warn people in Biggar cats may be being poisoned - causing them to run into roads

One of the missing cats is named ToothlessOne of the missing cats is named Toothless
One of the missing cats is named Toothless
The Scottish SPCA has issued an update after more owners have come forward whose cats have passed away or are missing in Biggar.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity released information about five cats from the Elphinstone Crescent area of Biggar passing away and two being missing over a three-month period.

Since the appeal, another cat has been reported as having been missing for six weeks and another passed away on June 16 from a suspected road traffic accident. Someone has also notified the charity that their eight-week-old kitten is seriously ill.

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Scottish SPCA inspector Dawn Robertson said, “We are thankful to those who have come forward after seeing our appeal.

“This is now six cats that have died with another two missing.

“We are thankful to say that one of the earlier reported missing cats has been found safe and well.

“Four of the deceased cats lived on Elphinstone Crescent and the other two were from nearby. One of the missing cats is from the same street and the other is from across the road in McAlpine Park.

“Three were involved in road traffic accidents. The most recent one is a suspected road traffic accident as there were no traumatic injuries when it was discovered. The other two deaths were determined inconclusive after post-mortem.

“This has caused a great deal of grief and upset for the owners of the cats. People in the area are now incredibly worried about their pets too.

“We are asking people in the area to check for a harmful substance that may be causing the cats to be poisoned and become disoriented which could cause them to wander on the road.

“We would urge everyone to be vigilant with their disposal of any toxic substance, such as anti-freeze, that can be poisonous to cats and other animals. It is essential that everyone stores substances out of reach.

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“If someone is deliberately harming these cats then this is an offence and we will do all we can to find this person.

“We hope that this new information encourages other owners to come forward.

“Anyone with any information should contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”