Scottish sex addict tells of Jeremy Kyle Show trauma after guest “suicide”

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AN ANGRY couple have slammed Jeremy Kyle producers for winding up guests in pursuit of cheap thrills.

Danny Fuller and Shauner Procter, from Bathgate, spoke out after a fellow guest was found dead - believed to have taken his own life.

The pair accused the daytime show of failing in their duty of care but ITV bosses said welfare checks are carried out and support given.

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Father-of-eight Danny Fuller, 36, said: “They tell you to go out and not to hold back. They want you to play off each other and encourage it - the screaming and shouting.”

Self-confessed sex addict Danny has appeared five times on the Manchester-based show, both with former partners and Shauner.

In 2011, he went on with an ex and told how he had slept with nearly 80 women and had been engaged to two lovers at the same time.

He went on again with the results of a paternity test and to accuse and ex of trying to throw his pet hound, Shirley Basset, under a bus

“They take you down the night before, put you in a nice hotel and give you a meal allowance,” he said.

“They pick you up at 9am and then they separate you as much as they can. They put you in separate rooms for three or four hours.

“There are runners of producers going backwards and forwards telling you they can’t believe what your partner said about you.

“Self-employed driver Danny also said he has concerns about the aftershow care with guests leaving the show stressed out.

“There’s no calming down period,” he said. “The first time I went on there was aftercare, fair play, but after that nothing.

“Second time I went on I drove down and they took my car keys off me until I’d done my bit so I couldn’t home.

“All you get is a thank you and a postcard through the door.”

Shauner, 18, added: “I wouldn’t go on again. I was angry afterwards. They say you get aftercare but you don’t.

“It’s really stressful. They ring you ten times asking the same questions. They hype you up so the adrenaline is rushing when you go on.”

ITV bosses have been urged to end broadcasts of the Jeremy Kyle Show for good after the apparent suicide of a man who failed a lie-detector test on the programme.

The confrontational talk show was pulled off the air indefinitely by the broadcaster following the death of the guest, named as 63-year-old Steve Dymond, a week after the programme was filmed.

Mr Dymond took a lie-detector test to convince fiancee Jane Callaghan he had not been unfaithful but they reportedly split after he failed.

A spokeswoman for ITV said: “The programme has significant and detailed duty of care processes in place for contributors pre, during and post show which have been built up over 14 years, and there have been numerous positive outcomes from this, including people who have resolved complex and long-standing personal problems.

A consultant psychotherapist and three mental health nurses assess guest welfare while post-show care can include residential rehabilitation, counselling and anger management.

“Everyone at ITV and The Jeremy Kyle Show is shocked and saddened at the news of the death of a participant in the show a week after the recording of the episode they featured in and our thoughts are with their family and friends,” added the spokeswoman.