Readers' Letters: SNP treat Scots voters like village idiots

After reading your article “Sturgeon condemns overpowering stench of sleaze” (25 April), I had to take a breath to try to comprehend the content in its entirety.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the campaign trail this week (Picture: Getty)

It would appear that the word “irony” doesn’t exist in the household of Nicola Sturgeon – nor, I would suggest, do mirrors. The sheer brass neck of the First Minister, to demand the release of all information on all forms of media, when her own Government withheld information from a committee set up by the Scottish Parliament, stinks to high heaven of utter hypocrisy. There appears to be no limit to the depths this party, and its leader, will stoop. Does Sturgeon really believe the people of Scotland are so naive to have forgotten the lengths she went to to hinder the committee with its inquiry?

I have never, in my lifetime, ever seen such a reprehensible collection of “politicians”, and I include those south of the Border, a group who think that a week in politics is enough to sweep whatever has gone before under the carpet and start again. They really are treating the voters, particularly here in Scotland, like the village idiot.

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I can only hope that on Thursday, those with any recollection will vote accordingly and rid us of this sordid Scottish Government, and its leader who seems to think she’s the Teflon McDon!

David Millar, West High Street, Lauder

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Spend and save

The best way to combat an economic downturn has always been the same. A great example of this was the US in the 1930s. Public investment is the answer. It creates jobs and prosperity, so creating sustainable energy, building new council houses, taxing the super rich, should be the way forward. But instead we have seen people dying because they were deprived of benefits, seen people hungry and needing food banks, seen living conditions reach rock bottom, seen public billions go to the already rich.

In their different ways, both Holyrood and Westminster have failed the people who trusted them, and voted for them. Spending, not cutting, is the key to recovery and prosperity, and, crucially, public investment. A lesson the SNP, Tories and Greens don’t want to learn.

Anne Wimberley, Belmont Road, Edinburgh

Thank you, UK

Thankfully, we in Scotland are now in a much better place than 95 per cent of the world in relation to Covid. This is due to the forward thinking and massive investment in vaccine research and buying by the vaccine taskforce set up by the UK government. This gave vaccine manufacturers the confidence to develop and produce large quantities of vaccine even before they were proven to work. This then enabled our fast rollout of vaccine and has saved thousands of lives.

It is also enabling some level of normal life to return, helping reduce the huge level of mental distress that was building. I think we should all (and I include Nicola Sturgeon in this) say a huge “Thank you” to our UK government and appreciate the benefits of being together.

Jim Wallace, Barry, Carnoustie

Independence over all

Nicola Sturgeon is being disingenuous when she says this election is not all about independence. You can be sure if she wins a majority on 6 May, it will only be about independence, every day for the next five years. Nothing else matters to her ("Independence transcends everything").

Allan Thompson, Bearsden, Glasgow

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