Queen '˜loves to mimic Aberdeen accent'

The Queen is a keen mimic and often entertains friends and family with her Aberdeenshire accent, it has been revealed.

The Queen reportedly enjoys putting on an Aberdeenshire accent. Picture: Neil Hanna

As she nears her 90th birthday, the monarch is showing no signs of losing her sense of humour, and enjoys when things go wrong, her first cousin Margaret Rhodes told BBC Radio 4.

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Asked if The Queen, whose Balmoral estate is in Royal Deeside, still has fun, Mrs Rhodes said: “Oh she does. And she’s a very, very good mimic. She can do the Norfolk and Scottish – Aberdeenshire –accents beautifully and often pretends to be a keeper or somebody or other of them. Like all her family they rejoice in anything that goes wrong.”

Mrs Rhodes also said her cousin had made it “perfectly clear through age” there is no chance of her abdicating.