Queen Elizabeth II: People on Edinburgh's Royal Mile say goodbye to Queen as coffin arrives at Holyroodhouse

We speak to well-wishers on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile as thousands turn out to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

As Her Majesty the Queen was about to make her final visit to Edinburgh on Sunday (September 11), we spoke to members of the public who had gathered to pay their respects.

Lesley Dowdell, 55, arrived at Royal Mile at 1pm with 18year old daughter Eleanor.

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The NHS worker from Rosyth said: "For us this is a real privilege. I feel honoured to be here. It’s poignant and a moment in history.

Edinburgh's Royal Mile: Charmaine, Janine, John and Nancy awaiting the arrival of the Queen's coffin
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"We saw the Queen when she opened the Queensferry crossing. I think she was inspirational. Good for our country, economy and tourism. She loved Scotland so much and its amazing for us to get to be such a big part of all this."

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Jade Bonner came out to see cortege with partner Noufel and 3 year old daughter Charlotte. The 29-year-old from Edinburgh said: "For me this is not a sad day. It should be a celebration of the Queen and her incredible life.

“She served us all so long. We're here to pay our respects for all she did."

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Noufel and Jade Bonner with three-year-old Charlotte

"She brought people together from all over the world,” said Noufel, 32, “I'm lucky that I can peacefully live here, you don't see that in many other cultures. The Queen played a big part in that. I'm here to give thanks."

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Nancy Ariston from Glenrothes said she admired the Queen. The 75-year-old said: "To me she did so much for our country and others. Even when she was on holiday she was working.

"She was elegant, always immaculately dressed. And adapted effortlessly to every situation. She was simply wonderful. She will be so missed."

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Lesley and Eleanor on Edinburgh's Royal Mile
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Nancy's daughter Charmaine said: “Today means a lot to me and I wanted to be here for mum's sake too. To be here together as a family is significant for us.

“The Queen was similar age to my mum-in-law who we lost during lockdown. Her dedication was unfaltering.”

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Charmaine said: “To people in Scotland and across UK. She chose here as place she wanted to be at the end.

“That's special to people in a time of so much uncertainty. She endured through some of the most tumultuous times in our history and was resolute."

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John Duthie, Charmaine’s husband, added: "I want to be here because nothing like this will happen again in my lifetime. For me the Queen dedication to the role can't be questioned.

"The Royal family get no peace. They can't even go put flowers on grandmother's grave without millions watching. I wouldn't wish their life on anyone.

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"The Queen handled it with grace. Others let her down but she never let us all down. I hope she is at peace now."

Her Majesty’s coffin is due to remain at the Palace of Holyroodhouse overnight. Then, on Monday (September 12), there will be a solemn procession up the Royal Mile to St Giles’ Cathedral where she will lay in rest for 24 hours before being flown to London.

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