Pro-indy campaigners to '˜create human chain to top of Ben Nevis'

Campaigners have launched an ambitious plan to create a human chain from the bottom to the top of Ben Nevis to show support for Scottish independence.

Campaigners want to create a human chain up Ben Nevis. Picture; Ian Rutherford

The event, which is scheduled to take place on August 25 already has over 2,000 interested in going, with 217 people confirmed.

On the official Facebok page, titled, ‘Epic human chain in support of Scottish independence.’ the group states that their plan is to rally at least 9000 people to create a human chain to show their support of Scottish independence and make it impossible for the media to ignore them.

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The group wrote: So far, all of the YES movement’s events have been deliberately ignored by the UK’s main stream media, I think it would be quite hard for them to ignore this one?

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“We will have our own team of drone experts and photographers on the Ben filming to make sure the world sees this epic event and also to remind people that the YES movement is as strong as ever.”

The organisers of the group said that the Facebook event is ‘testing the water’ to see if there is enough interest.

If there is not then the event will be cancelled according to the organisers.

However, many have been critical of the idea with concerns raised over safety, the number of people needed and the organisational issues.

One user wrote: “I’m a passionate supporter of Independence but I feel that this a very, very bad idea and has the potential to backfire spectacularly, ultimately doing us more harm than good. I would hate to see that happen.”

Another wrote: “I’m not sure it’s the best idea. You’d really need to risk assess.”

Some were in favour of the event with one writing: “These are the stunts that get our movement noticed and that is when people start to listen and absorb the message too”