Police warning over fake £50 note in circulation

Police have issued a warning to the public to be alert over a counterfeit note.
Police are warning over a fake note scamPolice are warning over a fake note scam
Police are warning over a fake note scam

Members of the public and those working in retail have been alerted to a counterfeit Bank of Ireland £50 notes.

Police stated that the fake cash is mainly being used in Dumfries and Galloway, The Borders, Stirling and Tayside.

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Detective Inspector Iain McPhail said: “Suspects are using both an old style £50 note which is green in colour and the newer note which is purple. Shops should only be accepting the newer purple note.

“If anyone is presented with a green old style £50 note they should be declined and the customer informed to take them to their local bank.

“All genuine new style purple Sterling notes feature a watermark, a hologram that changes, a series of dashes which become a solid line when held up to light and has the name of the Bank in raised print. Each note has an individual serial number.

“Please ensure all notes are robustly examined to establish their authenticity.”

If anyone suspects they’re being presented with a fake note they should decline it and consider contacting Police Scotland via 101.

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