Peterhead junior doctor stars in BBC show

A Peterhead junior doctor is to feature in a new series of Junior Doctors: Life on the Wards.

The three-part series is taking a look life being a Junior Doctor in NHS Scotland after the Covid Pandemic and will feature well-known Peterhead loon Callum Anderson.

With a shortage of doctors and waiting lists for lifesaving operations at an all-time high, this new series focuses on six First Year Junior Doctors (Foundation Year 1)) embarking on their medical careers at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

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The series started on the BBC Scotland channel on September 13, but Callum will be seen in the third episode, which will go out on the channel on Wednesday, September 27 at 10pm.

​Callum will star in the next episode on Wednesday, September 28.​Callum will star in the next episode on Wednesday, September 28.
​Callum will star in the next episode on Wednesday, September 28.

As will be seen in the episode, Callum’s dedication to his burgeoning medical career is matched by his passion for Musical Theatre. When he’s not assisting with life-saving operations in the hospital’s theatres, Callum is treading the boards, entertaining Aberdeen’s theatre goers.

The six First Year Junior Doctors featured play a vital role and their list of jobs on any given day can seem never ending.

Bloods are taken throughout a patient’s time in hospital for essential monitoring purposes, which can pose many challenges given that some people have very difficult to access veins.

Junior Doctors are also responsible for administering vital pain relief and nutritional guidance, along with assisting in life saving surgeries. Outwith their working week, each has a folio of work and study with regular exams, all of which must be passed for them to progress to the next level in their chosen speciality. In this series, the featured Junior Doctors tell their own stories, what they are learning and doing with all the highs and lows of life on the wards.

Junior Doctors: Life on the Wards has been produced through an initiative launched by BBC Scotland and Screen Scotland which pairs emerging directors with seasoned production companies.

As part of the Emerging Directors project, the production companies provide training, guidance and support to the new directors, while the BBC has supported the development and production of each documentary.