Guests on the night.
Guests on the night.
Guests on the night.

Peterhead Burns Club is back after two-year haitus

Post Covid recovery took another major step towards normal on Friday, January 27, when 280 members and guests filled the Palace Hotel for the annual Peterhead Burn’s Club dinner after a two-year enforced gap.

An excellent meal supplied by the Palace and superb entertainment for the evening guaranteed a memorable event for all those attending.

The Haggis was toasted by Malcolm Whyte of Mintlaw and the Piper was Sinclair Lamb. The Secretary’s report and toast to “Absent Friends” was given by Andrew Bruce.

A memorable Immortal Memory was given by world renowned fiddler Paul Anderson of Tarland, whose presentation included fiddle music used by Burns.

Paul and his brother David also entertained the company with a fine rendition of fiddle music.

Niall Ritchie toasted “Puir Auld Scotland” and Andrew Good toasted “Our Guests”. Recitations of “Holy Willie’s Prayer” and “To a Louse” were given by Sandy Stewart and Gordon Hay respectively.

A selection of Scottish Songs was wonderfully sung by Matthew Hamilton of Stonehaven, ably supported by local virtuoso Gordon Hay. Croupier for the evening was James Murray.

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