Outbreak of bovine TB in Skye as cattle are destroyed

Bovine TB has been detected on Skye leading to a cattle being slaughtered.

Cattle in Skye have contracted bovine TB. Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

An unspecified number of animals tested positive for the disease which can spread to humans through unpasteurised milk and dairy products, although it is unclear how it was discovered.

While the infection would could cause fever, weight loss and a cough for humans who contract it, bovine TB is destructive for the farming industry with any animals found to have the disease destroyed to prevent it spreading furhter.

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A statement was released by the unnamed farmer the cows belonged to through the National Farmers Union (NFU), who are working with the farmer to eradicate the disease.

The statement read: “This is an extremely worrying and very difficult time for me. The cattle that tested positive on the farm have been slaughtered and further laboratory tests are now underway to see if they have TB.

“Waiting for those results is very stressful but I want to get to the bottom of this, get my herd restrictions lifted and get my TB-free status back as quickly as possible and I will work with the authorities to do that.”

Recently the disease was found in badgers in Cumbria and the source of disease is currently under investigation.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “An outbreak of bovine TB has been confirmed in a herd of cattle on Skye.

“The infected herd is currently under restriction whilst further testing is undertaken.

“The source of the infection is under investigation.”