Orkney man recovering from brain aneurysm in Thailand

SURGEONS in Thailand have saved the life of a young Scot who suffered a potentially fatal brain aneurysm.

Owen Auskerry
Owen Auskerry

Owen Auskerry, from Orkney, who has been working abroad as a teacher abroad, was rushed to hospital when he was suddenly struck down by the seizure.

The 24-year-old’s family have flown from their home in the islands to be at his bedside as he recovers from the lifesaving surgery.

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They have thanks the generosity of hundreds of people who have donated more than £24,000 to help pay for medical bills and, ultimately, bring him home to Scotland.

Mr Auskerry began to suffer severe headaches followed by seizures and vomiting.

His girlfriend Janjira called an ambulance and when he arrived at hospital doctors discovered a blood vessel in his brain had burst.

His family arranged for him to be airlifted from his home in Nakhon Si Thammarat to hospital in the Thai capital Bangkok 380 miles away.

Mr Auskerry’s parents, Teresa Probert and Simon Brogan, flew from the UK to Thailand to be by his side, while brothers Rory and Hamish Auskerry joined them later.

He underwent a three-hour operation led by one of Thailand’s leading neurosurgeons.

Since then Mr Auskerry has largely been under sedation, although he has started to regain consciousness and has managed to say a few words to his parents.

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He is suffering from a fever and has undergone a scan to study the condition of his veins and arteries following the operation.

A catheter which had been in place since the operation to drain excess fluid has now been removed from his skull.

The family has set up an online appeal to help support his recovery – raising more than £24,000.

They have thanked the public for their support – and the medical staff in Thailand for saving his life.

In a statement, they said: “We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the level of support shown to our family over the last few days.

“The amount of love and kind messages that have been sent to all of us has been a very welcome boost to our morale, and the generosity of folk from all over the world who have donated to the Owen Auskerry Recovery Fund has been humbling.

“The money will go towards paying for Owen’s surgery, medical bills and other costs associated with his ongoing care, as well as allowing our family to be there to look after him as he starts to wake up and begin to comprehend what’s happened to him.

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“As a family we are all profoundly grateful for every penny we’ve received”.

They added: “His girlfriend Janjira’s quick decision to get him to hospital, the skill of the neurosurgeon and the general excellence of the medical team have ultimately saved our dear Owen’s life.

“We hope to bring Owen home as soon as is safe and practical. As far as Owen’s day-to-day condition is concerned, we are posting updates at www.togetherforowen.com as often as we can and there’s a link to the donation page there too.”

As well as working as a teacher, Mr Auskerry has also spent his time in Thailand DJing under the pseudonym “MetraGnome”.

The family are the sole residents of the tiny Orkney island of Auskerry three miles south of Stronsay, with the brothers having taken the name of the island.

Mr Brogan and Ms Probert run a wool business taken from the island’s native flock of North Ronaldsay sheep.