One-eyed cat found under car bonnet after 150-mile journey to Fife

A one-eyed cat has used up one of its nine lives after surviving a 150-mile journey to Fife - under a car bonnet.

The pet had gone missing in Newcastle, and was only discovered at a garage in Kirkcaldy ten days later.

Conor Crawford pulled into his work at a local garage and checked under the bonnet after noticing a strange smell.

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When he opened the bonnet, Josie the tabby jumped out.

Josie was found after a dramatic journey under a car bonnet

She had a burned tail but, otherwise, was unhurt.

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The cat has now been reunited with its owners in England.

The story emerged after the Crawfords appealed on Facebook to try to trace them as they were none the wiser how the pet came to be in their vehicle.

Conor’s wife, Deni, said they had checked with all their neighbours in Glenrothes before posting information online.

Deni told the Daily Record: "I woke up to a text from Connor saying what had happened and that Josie had run away. He tried to look for her but he needed to go to work.

"I found Josie very quickly. She must have been terrified because she tried to bite me.”Deni, who works at St Clair Vet, traced the owner, Amy Bosworth, to England.

It emerged the elderly cat had recently had surgery to remove an eye just weeks before going missing in September.

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Her owner had been searching daily for her, unaware she had found her way north of the border.

She has since travelled from Newcastle to collect he and take her home.