Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland can avoid Euro like Sweden

Nicola Sturgeon has denied that an independent Scotland would be forced to join the euro in order to join the European Union.

Nicola Sturgeon has said a second independence referendum is on the table. Picture: Neil Hanna/JP License

New EU members must commit to joining the single currency once they meet certain criteria. However, in an interview Ms Sturgeon cited the example of Sweden, which has not adopted the euro despite being required to do so under EU rules.

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“Sweden joined the EU after the obligation to join the euro was in force and Sweden, it is commonly accepted, will not join the euro unless it wants to,” she said.

“So I don’t argue for euro membership, and I don’t think euro membership comes as a necessity of EU membership.”

Nicola Sturgeon will demand a central role in the UK’s Brexit negotiations with the purpose of keeping Scotland in the EU during her first meeting with new Prime Minister Theresa May.

The Scottish First Minister said she will approach the negotiations with “an open mind” and put “all options on the table”.

But she confirmed a second Scottish independence referendum is on the table - and relegated any option short of full EU membership to “second, third or fourth best”.