NFL fans fume as thousands miss out on tickets for historic Munich game at Allianz Arena

NFL fans have taken to social media to vent their frustration after missing out on NFL Munich tickets.

Tickets for the November 13th game, the Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Allianz Arena went on sale today on Ticketmaster but were soon snapped up.

Demand for the game was exceptionally high – with fans of the NFL desperate to see the GOAT, Tom Brady, considered to be one of the greatest players of all time, on European soil.

Fans claim that no Captcha or verification was in place on Ticketmaster, meaning that thousands of tickets were sold to potential scalpers and resale sites.

Indeed, it would appear to be the case with plenty of tickets available on second party sites – with the cheapest available resale ticket selling for over £700 at the current time of writing.

Cheapest tickets for the game on Ticketmaster were originally around £70

One social media user wrote: “Ticketmaster should be ashamed. By putting no CAPTCHA in place, the touts and scalpers have taken all of the #nflmunich tickets. They are the winners. The real fans are the losers. Way to ruin the first NFL game in Germany.”

TalkSport 2’s Will Gavin tweeted: “Ticketmaster's handling of these sales is a joke!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) holds the Vince Lombardi trophy following the NFL Super Bowl 55 football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, (Ben Liebenberg via AP)

“Many resale tickets are back on Ticketmaster, making them more money in fees etc, so they no incentive to fix the problem.

“Add to that NFL have a partnership with them, and the fans are the ones screwed time and time again.”

Another added: “I thought I had it bad being 69,000th in the queue for #NFLMunich tickets, despite being there at 8:55am, but seems I'm relatively near the front. Extremely disappointed to see it's already sold out”

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Tickets have been on sale on second party sites.

One more chimed in saying: “Of course the resale sites are already absolutely full with tickets”

Another wrote: “Join the waiting room at 9.30 on the dot, added to the queue 129836 people in front of me. Sold out and still 60k people in queue.”

A social media user tweeted: “Tried to get tickets for the NFL game in Munich but sold out. Ticketmaster had no CAPTCHA (or anything else setup) to filter out bots and I can see tickets already being resold”

Another vented: “The usual shambles from @Ticketmaster for international NFL tickets, zero pre security checks so the bots and touts get in quickly to fleece the normal fans.”

A Twitter user also called on Ticketmaster to take action writing: “Ticketmaster need to revoke these sales and restart with verified users, no bots and no resale.”

Ticketmaster have been contacted for a statement.