Morrisons issues apology for ‘non-EU salt and pepper’ chicken label

Supermarket chain Morrisons has issued an apology for ‘non-EU salt and pepper’ chicken label

The chain labelled a chicken product as British poultry containing “non-EU salt and pepper” with some threatening to boycott the store following the label.

The oven-ready chicken crown is £4 from the supermarket, but the supermarket chain has been forced to apologise over labelling which read that the chicken had “non-EU salt and pepper”.

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One social media user replied stating: “Congratulations on losing a customer” whilst another added: “I boycott any product waving this sort of nonsense”

In a tweet they announced: “The wording on the packaging is an error for which we apologise. We are changing the packaging immediately.”

It is understood that the labelling was a result of a “misinterpretation of packing and labelling regulations”.

The company added that they were fully compliant with labelling rules but did not want to get drawn into Brexit culture wars saying: “Our chicken label is adhering to British packaging regulations, however we will be redesigning it to make it clear this is not a political commentary,”

Morrisons apologises for ‘non-EU salt and pepper’ chicken label