Mark Ronson: Nowhere else on earth has a Hogmanay 'carnival' like Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay headliner Mark Ronson says nowhere in the world has an event like the huge “carnival” which takes over the Scottish capital.

The Oscar-winning musician, songwriter and record producer thought the crowds were so vast when he previously performed on a side street at the event that he thought he was top of the bill.

Ronson, who hosted a huge after-party at the Picture House the last time he appeared at the festivities in 2011, said Edinburgh’s celebrations were unique because the entire city centre was turned into a party zone.

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Ronson said he had spent recent Hogmanay nights working in the likes of Abu Dhabi, Miami, New York and London.

Mark Ronson is the 27th Edinburgh's Hogmanay headliner.Mark Ronson is the 27th Edinburgh's Hogmanay headliner.
Mark Ronson is the 27th Edinburgh's Hogmanay headliner.

Ronson, who brought Australian singer Daniel Merriweather with him for his Princes Street Gardens show, added: “I have been working on new year’s eve probably 90 per cent of my adult life.

“I had a really good time in Edinburgh around 10 years and there were loads of people out in the street. I just got it into my head that that was Hogmanay here. But when I got here before this show I was told that this was my first playing on the main stage.

“Edinburgh is right up there, party-wise, and in terms of the whole city coming together and the spirit of the event.

“My mother’s mother is from Edinburgh so I’ve always known what a big deal Hogmanay is in Scotland. New year’s eve anywhere is a party, but it’s especially so in Edinburgh.

“It’s been an added incentive to put on a great show and why I decided to bring a big string section have Daniel performing with me.

“Usually, I’m playing new year’s eve in a small nightclub, but with this thing I am right in the middle of a giant party taking over the whole city. I still get nervous playing for 300 people in sweaty basement, but I think that’s healthy, as it means that you really care.

“New York has its ball drop in Times Square on new year’s eve but it’s not the same as thing as Edinburgh has, which is a like a carnival where the whole city turns into a party.”