Lorraine Kelly talks about horse-riding accident on TV return

LORRAINE Kelly returned to television screens today, and revealed that her horse-riding accident could have been “so much worse”.

The Scot recieved welcome back wishes from stars including Justin Bieber and Ronan Keating.

She was hospitalised for more than a week after falling from a horse and being trampled.

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That meant she had to have surgery for a deep thigh wound.

Today, she said she glad she had not been worse effected by the accident.

“I’m fine. I just keep telling myself ‘You’ve got to look on the bright side’. I could have broken bones. It could have been so much worse,” she said.

She thanked viewers for their good wishes.

“I have really missed you all so much. Thanks so much for your kind words and messages. It really helped me.”

Kelly was treated at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, following the accident and has since been recovering at home.

She had been training for a modern pentathlon for the charity Piggy Bank Kids at a riding school in Surrey.

During only her second lesson for the riding discipline she fell from the saddle approaching a jump.

Recalling the accident today, Kelly said: “You go into complete shock, it’s only afterwards, when you’re thinking about it, you think ‘I was so lucky’.

“I lost three pints of blood on the scene, which was bad, but the hospital, St George’s, was amazing and it was the NHS at its absolute finest, they really looked after me. But it was really scary.”

Speaking on ITV1’s Daybreak, just moments before she resumed her presenting role today, Kelly said she had not expected it to take so long to heal.

She said: “My leg was like something out of a horror film, it was really awful, it was horrible. I was wearing jogging bottoms for like, well, up until today really. Jogging pants, because I just couldn’t get anything else on.

“I’ve got a really, really bad scar and I’m quite glad that I’m my age and I’m not 18 because I think I would have been upset by that.”

The incident has put her off trying to ride again.

“I’ll leave that to the experts. They’re beautiful animals and I’ll be watching them from afar,” she said.