Lorraine Kelly injured in fall from horse

SCOTS TV presenter Lorraine Kelly will miss her early morning show for a few days after undergoing surgery as a result of falling off a horse.

Ms Kelly, who was left ‘bruised and battered’, had an operation under general anaesthetic and is expected to be hospitalised for a number of days.

The star, who was replaced on the ITV1 show this morning by Helen Fospero, told fans she ended up in hospital after “attempting a jump for the first time”.

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Writing on Twitter, she said: “Unfortunately the horse stamped on my thigh. As a result - deep wound and lots of blood. Was treated by fab paramedics in ambulance - then given an op under general anaesthetic at hospital.”

The popular TV presenter, from Dundee, said she would be under observation for a couple of days, adding that she was “a bit bruised and battered but fine”.

She said it would take “around four weeks” for her injuries to heal but she would be hoping to return to the show before that.

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