Line of Duty finale: Readers react to controversial ending of hit BBC series

The final episode of season six of Line of Duty aired last night, and our readers have some…feelings.

Millions of people tuned in to watch the much-anticipated series finale of Line of Duty last night.

It’s one of the biggest shows on television, and has taken viewers on a rollercoaster throughout series six.

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We were told every investigation has led to this episode – with the identity of arch villain ‘H’ set to be finally revealed.

But many were left feeling underwhelmed by what unfolded. Readers took to the Edinburgh Evening News and Scotsman Facebook pages to vent.

"AC-12? More like Anti-Climax 12,” wrote Stewart Hannaford.

“Soooo disappointed,” said Lisa Strongarm, “After all these years, it failed at the last hurdle.”

Adding to the dismay, Kathleen Ferguson said: “What a way to end what has been a gripping series from day one...what a huge let down.”

DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), and DI Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) in the highly anticipated Line of Duty finale (BBC/World Production/Steffan Hill)

Ray Mccluskey described the finale as an “absolute horror show” and Carolyn Clark said: “Sitting on edge all night waiting on the big reveal,sadly it didn't meet my expectations.”

And referring to one of Ted Hastings’ most cherished lines from the series, Justin Taylor Mackenzie simply said: “The wee donkey could have written a better ending.”

Well, what was everyone so upset about? Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

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The final episode featured a car chase, Steve Arnott brandishing a taser, some wise words about ‘passing the torch’ from Hastings, and Kate Fleming’s immaculate bone structure.

"The buck doesn't really stop with Buckles": Readers had a mix reaction to the Line of Duty finale's big reveal (Photo: BBC/World Productions/Steffan Hill)

But it was the revelation of the Fourth man, or H, that everyone was gearing up for.

The AC-12 trio arrived in the famous glass suite for an interrogation to end all interrogations.

The identity of H was painstakingly teased, with Kate, Steve, and Hastings knowing who it was before the audience. Finally, years of fan theories were about to pay off, and the greatest villain Line of Duty had ever encountered was about to be unmasked.

And it was...Ian Buckells.

To many, this felt like the ghost being revealed as the janitor all along in Scooby Doo.

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“No way is he H,” wrote Lynn Keddie and John Hewit said: “It was the biggest anticlimax I’ve seen on LOD so far. They could have done the big bad so much better.”

“Got excited all week for this!” said Judie Kidd, “What a lot of waffle...”

Stevie Laing called it “dreadful”: “It’s the best thing on the TV ever and to end it as poorly as that is a nonsense.”

But it wasn’t just the Buckells revelation which enraged fans. Some were disappointed with the lack of action we have come to expect from the show.

Śheená Beanie Allen said: “I’m still waiting for the twist or a decent gun fight! Instead I have more questions than answers..disappointing to say the least!”

And – with a nod to the spelling mistake which brought down Buckells – Evaldas Grenda said: “I thought that only I was disappointed. Definately was waiting for more drama.”

On that note, Dom McBride said: “Only thing I learned was that I’ve been spelling definitely wrong.”

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And Helen Anderson said: “Hopefully the Gogglebox reaction will be more exciting.”

Recalling the moment when Hastings, Steve and Kate stand in the lift at the end of the episode, Tracy Barry said: “I thought the lift would have exploded and they would be trying to hang on and would fall to their death – but nothing WTF!”

Many have compared this ending to the widely criticised final series of Game of Thrones. Eleanor McArdle wrote:I feel like Arya’s just killed the Night King...”

But there were those who didn’t actively despise the Line of Duty finale; some even liked it.

Debbie Young said: “I don’t feel as hard done by as most folk by tonight’s episode! The quiet ones are the worst and what you could take as a mistake could have been deliberate! Will wait and see.”

And Stella Campbell wrote: “I enjoyed it. Thought they tied up the ‘loose ends’. Personally didn’t guess H and the three main characters’ story lines were concluded. I’m sure that’s the end of the line... excuse the pun!”

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While Gillian Green said:We loved it why do we always need it to be predictable? DefinAtely could be another series. Buckles is so a puppet!”

The finale episode has also left viewers speculating on whether there will be another series.

Gordon Stead wrote: “Well we know the buck doesn't really stop with Buckles. Corruption remains as the Chief Constable appoints his people to key posts and abolishes AC-12.

"Ongoing, institutionalised corruption with investigating bodies being disbanded. Whatever can the writers be drawing parallel with?!”

While Roslyn Mcleish said: “The finale was quite disappointing, after all the hype, but the door has been left open for another series!! Buckles is definitely not H!”

“It’s left open,” Kevin McConnachie said, “[Hastings] went back to see what Carmichael going to do with what he said. It will be back.”

Whether you liked it or not, Line of Duty season six has definately been a wild ride.

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