Judy Murray visits world’s remotest tennis court

JUDY Murray has made a visit to the world’s remotest court - on a Scottish island

Judy Murray visits the iconic tennis court at Bunabhainneadar on the road to Husinish, North Harris. Picture: Hemedia

Judy travelled to the breathtaking location on the Isle of Harris as part of her nationwide coaching tour.

The Strictly Come Dancing star tweeted her relief that there was “not a sequin in sight” as she taught kids from Laxdale Primary school the skills that led to sons Andy and Jamie becoming Wimbledon champions.

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She said: “I started off as a volunteer coach at our local club when our kids were tiny and sort of developed from there as a coach and I’ve never lost my appetite for spreading the word of tennis and saying what a great sport it is.

“We just have this massive opportunity right now - we’ve got a role model, we’ve got a big buzz about it - we absolutely have to take advantage of that.”

“There has been a lot of interest in tennis for a good few years now and it’s very important for the sport to capitalise on that buzz and to be able to take the sport into places where either it doesn’t exist or doesn’t have a big presence.”

The visit to the Western Isles gave Judy the chance to visit the iconic court at Bunabhainneadar on the road to Husinish, North Harris.

Judy added: “I’d seen pictures of the court in Harris before because it’s such a stunning one. It’s actually a lot more famous than people realise around the world because it’s often dubbed as the world’s most remote tennis court and the backdrop is just stunning, it’s phenomenal.”

The visit came last month during a short break from her rigorous schedule for the popular BBC show.