James Blunt fans harass Scots lookalike on honeymoon

James Blunt, whose Scots lookalike is being pestered on his honeymoon. Picture: Jayne Emsley/TSPLJames Blunt, whose Scots lookalike is being pestered on his honeymoon. Picture: Jayne Emsley/TSPL
James Blunt, whose Scots lookalike is being pestered on his honeymoon. Picture: Jayne Emsley/TSPL

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A SCOT who keeps getting mistaken for James Blunt is now being pestered by the singer's fans on honeymoon.

Paul Dickie says he has  been mistaken for the “You’re beautiful” singer at least six times since jetting off to Spain last week.

The 30-year-old from Edinburgh has been asked for autographs and selfies and some of the people who approach him refuse to believe his denials.

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Paul’s new wife, Robyn, has now joined in the fun by posting a picture of herself wearing a mask of the real James Blunt. Robyn loyally insists, however, that her man is better looking than the singer.

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In the past, Paul’s likeness to Blunt has resulted in pals tweeting pictures of him to the star. He has also been approached on nights out and asked to sing.

But Paul has been approached at least daily while on his honeymoon in Marbella.

He shared his James Blunt-inspired honeymoon issues on Facebook: “Well, it’s happened again! Asked at the pool if I’m James blunt haha. Robyn is absolutely howling. That’s six times now!

“She is still convinced I am. I told her she’s not the only one.”

His friends were quick to provide their own responses to the drama.

Gary Kinghorn said: “Should have said aye mate. Think of all the free drinks you’d get bought. Then again, you’re probably all inclusive lol.”

Jak Mylchreest commented: “Hahaha, this is tremendous.”

Whilst Lesley Macniven joked: “Does James Blunt know he looks like you though?”

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Speaking from Spain, Paul gave an example of what had been happening.

He said: “At the pool here, a lady next to us asked if I was him and we laughed our heads off. I said ‘no, wish I was with his money’

“My wife says that she thinks I am similar but says i’m much better.”

Paul also explained that it wasn’t the first time people have mistaken him for the singer when he’s been on his travels.

He continued: “It’s happened in a few bars in Edinburgh and it’s a common joke with a few of my mates and now my wife!

“My friend once tweeted James Blunt a photo of me and told him he had a double but he never replied.”

“The funniest time was a couple of years ago when I was coming back from Tenerife and I was beside an old couple,” he continued.

“During the flight, the old lady asked me if I was James Blunt, to which I replied no but told her that I do get asked a lot.

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“She then asked me again half an hour later if I was sure that was definitely not him.”

James Blunt shot to fame with his 2005 smash-hit, “You’re Beautiful”, which was later ranked number seven in poll by Rolling Stone magazine to identify the top 10 most annoying songs.

The lookalike industry has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years, with the Channel 4 programme, ‘Lookalikes’ following the daily life at one of the UK’s leading lookalike agencies.

Following Jamie Vardy’s rise to prominence, Royal Mail worker, Lee Chapman, took six months off his regular job to impersonate the striker, even making it onto Leicester City team bus as they celebrated winning the Premier League title.


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