Standard Bearers, who joined military personnel, alongside Falklands veterans and members of the wider armed forces community, to remember the 40th anniversary of the end of the conflict, during a parade and service of remembrance in Edinburgh.

In pictures: Falklands War veterans march in Edinburgh 40 years after conflict

Falklands War verterans have remembered the fallen as they marked four decades since the end of the conflict.

The undeclared war began on April 2 1982 when Argentina invaded the British overseas territory.

On June 14 of the same year, as British forces approached its capital Stanley, Argentina surrendered.

In total, 255 British servicemen, 649 Argentinian military personnel, and three civilians died, while many more were wounded.

Some who were deployed to the islands marched in Edinburgh on Saturday (June 18) before a remembrance ceremony was held.

They were joined by veterans from other conflicts, Edinburgh's Lord Provost and Cabinet Secretary Keith Brown.

A parade made its way from Charlotte Square, along George Street, to St Andrews Square.

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