Hotel guests to watch out for things that go bump in the night

With Halloween just around the corner, Crerar Hotels has revealed which of its seven hotels is truly haunted.
Thainstone House Hotel is home to The Green LadyThainstone House Hotel is home to The Green Lady
Thainstone House Hotel is home to The Green Lady

Thainstone House, an 18th-century Palladian mansion home in Inverurie, rural Aberdeenshire, certainly has a haunting history as there have been numerous sightings of ‘The Green Lady’ who is rumoured to call Thainstone House home.

The 48-bedroom hotel is thought to be haunted by the daughter of a former owner of the historic house where she primarily resides in room 406.

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The spooky tale begins when the young girl was involved in a horse-riding accident where it is thought she was crushed by the animal.

She was quickly carried to a bedroom within the house however later died from her injuries.

She is known within the hotel as The Green Lady as she wears a green riding cloak and has been spotted by multiple guests including professional ghost hunter and TV spiritualist Derek Acorah.

Guests have reported that their pets are reluctant to enter room 406 whilst objects have been seen to move of their own accord and unexplained noises have also been heard.

When Derek Acorah stayed at the Aberdeenshire countryside house, he said The Green Lady had appeared to him, and he described her as a beautiful young lady however despite trying to communicate with her, she was too shy to speak.

He also mentioned that he was visited by an older woman who he believes is either The Green Lady’s mother or grandmother.

Apparently, both were happy spirits who haunt Thainstone House because they love the building.

Whilst it’s all rather spooky, Thainstone House associates believe they are friendly presences and are happy for The Green Lady to call Thainstone House home.

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So much so in fact, the hotel, part of Crerar Hotels Group, has paid homage to the ghost as the restaurant is called The Green Lady.

For the ultimate Halloween getaway or perhaps a more relaxing spa break, visit or call 01467 621 643.

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