Hose gang’s Strathcarron bid

Climbing Ben Nevis for a charity fundraiser might be enough for some - but a band of Grangemouth tanker drivers aim to do it the hard way.

Some of the DHL Grangemouth tanker drivers who are climbing Ben Nevis later this month.
Some of the DHL Grangemouth tanker drivers who are climbing Ben Nevis later this month.

The daredevil DHL drivers aim to carry an 18ft delivery hose all the way to the summit - in the hope that friends, relatives and other supporters will help them smash their modest £1,000 target.

Organiser Stephen Gillon said: “Strathcarron really needs those funds, particularly at the moment, and we got together to decide how we could help.

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“We’ve already done some fundraising among friends andfamily, but we’re hoping generous Falkirk Herald readers will help us to raise as much as possible.

The lads are training hard for the stunt on September 26, by which time they hope to have gained plenty of support from among the local community.

The original target is already close to completion, but the drivers reckon that with luck they can collect a good deal more.

Besides raising cash they also want to help to raise the profile of Strathcarron, using their venture as a way of flagging up both the work carried out by the hospice and the challenges which face its operation in the medium to long g term.

Its many-sided fundraising activities include, for example, an annual partnership with local soliticors every October.

The firms involved agree to waive their will writing fee and instead waive or update donors’ wills in return for a donation to the hospice.

Major events such as Kiltwalk are also used to raise funds, but the effort has to be maintained to guarantee a steady flow of cash.

The hospice needs to make more than £12,900 per day to keep existing services running, but strives to raise more to continually improve the service.

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The tanker drivers say they’re hoping the novelty element of their climb will bring a good result from their effort, and are urging anybody who can spare any amount to visit the Strathcarron donation site at www.strathcarronhospice.net/fundraisers/great-climb

The volunteers taking part in the fun but strenuous Ben Nevis venture are as follows - Stephen Gillon, Brian Mckenna, Bryan Mckenna, John Carroll, Allan Mcfeat, Craig Learmouth, Dan Nickson, Jimmy Kolander, Allan Smith, George Clouston, Tony Keenan.