Grandma seeks funds to school grandson in Thailand

David Wyllie, who died in a car crash in Thailand in February, with his son WilliamDavid Wyllie, who died in a car crash in Thailand in February, with his son William
David Wyllie, who died in a car crash in Thailand in February, with his son William
Hopes for boy’s future with place at English-speaking school.

A woman whose son was tragically killed in a car crash in Thailand earlier this year is hoping to raise £30,000 to ensure that his baby boy gets a good education.

Trish Winton wants to ensure the wishes of her son, David, are fulfilled and that his son William, two, goes to an English-speaking school and becomes bilingual.

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Mrs Winton, of Montrose believes that not only will it give William the best chance in life but will also allow the boy to connect with his Scottish family in the fullest way possible as he grows up.

David Wyllie, died aged just 36 after his car crashed with a lorry as he drove home to his apartment in Ban Chang, Rayong, where he lived with his partner, Kai, and William.

David, an oil industry contractor, moved to Thailand four years earlier and “absolutely loved life” in his adopted home.

As his family try and come to terms with their loss, Mrs Winton has set up a fund for William to help secure his future.

Mrs Winton said: “We want to give William a good education so that he can do well for himself. That’s what David would have wanted, for his son to have opportunities, and I feel I have to try and make this happen.

“It’s really important for us for William to speak English so he can speak to his granny and his family here, and that we can have that relationship with him. I know David would want this for us all.”

She is hoping to raise around £30,000 to pay for William’s education at the Rayong English Programme School, with fees around £2,500 a year

She asked friends and family to donate to the fund instead of giving gifts for her 60th birthday party last month, with colleagues also adding to the pot on her recent retirement from Mearns Academy in Laurencekirk, where she taught home economics.

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David’s widow looks after Willam full-time but has no income, with no access to benefits in Thailand.

Several fundraisers are planned for William’s fund in Montrose, with Mrs Winton praising the “amazing” support of the town as she looks to secure the future wellbeing of her family in Thailand.

She said: “David absolutely embraced his life, he lived it absolutely to the full and had a heart of gold. I want to hold onto that and do something good for his son. It’s just something that I have got to do.

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