Glasgow ATMs: City has highest number of closures in Scotland

Glasgow has the highest number of ATM closures in Scotland, with a loss of 92 since 2018.

Scotland has closed over 1,000 ATMs since 2018, with 5,106 machines left in the country, 9.5 per 100,000.

Using data from Parliament Commons Library, the study from Intergiro found that Glasgow had 92 ATMs closed with 258 remaining, with 1,048 closing across Scotland as a whole, a reduction of 17 per cent in just 4 years across the country.

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Across the UK, London is the region with the biggest decline, with 2,428 ATMs closing down since July 2018 as the move towards digital banking continues.

Scotland has closed closed over 1,000 ATMs since 2018
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Speaking on the findings of the study, Intergiro CEO Nick Root stated that the closure of ATMs is part of a larger trend towards companies embedding financial services into their platform and products adding "as we move into 2023, we anticipate that the trend of embedded finance will continue to grow rapidly.”