Giant hopscotch game with nearly 1,400 squares reaches end of 400m long Edinburgh street after several days of sunshine

A giant hopscotch game has successfully reached the top of an Edinburgh street with nearly 1,400 squares being drawn on the pavement before it rains.

The hopscotch now runs all the way from the bottom of Leamington Terrace, where it meets Gilmore Place, to the top of the hill at Bruntsfield Place – an estimated distance of about 400 metres.

And it’s now split into two paths, with one hopscotch running back down the hill on the opposite side of the road and the other jumping over Bruntsfield Place onto Leamington Walk through the park. As of late Friday afternoon there were 1,396 squares in the hopscotch.

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Giant hopscotch game with over 880 squares set to stretch length of Edinburgh st...
The giant hopscotch game now stretches the length of Leamington Terrace, Bruntsfield.
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It was started by landscape architect and urban designer Jenny Elliott, whose work typically focuses on public spaces and relates to public life and community.

She put up a paper sign on her door earlier this month urging residents and passers by to take a piece of chalk and add a square, with the aim of reaching the top of the street before it rains.

On Friday afternoon she said: “The hopscotch has reached the top of the hill.

“There are some really lovely messages and drawings all along it, from people writing words of encouragement for those hopping the full length up the hill, to messages of thanks to NHS staff and other key workers. It's been brilliant seeing it grow the full length of the street and have new squares, drawings and notes written each day.”

One 59-year-old local resident, Dave, drew a square for his daughters who work in the NHS.

Many in the street’s WhatsApp group of local residents have been praising her efforts and saying how much they have enjoyed participating in the initiative.

One resident, Carole, said: "It's been great fun for the street. Lots of children and adults have joined in.”

Another, Niki, said: "It's been a lovely way to bring our street together to create something everyone can enjoy. It's something everyone can be involved in if they want to, whether it's adding a square or two, hopping up it, or watching it grow. Good work street.”

Oliver, who is five, said: "It's been fun doing the hopscotch, I liked drawing the squares and numbers. I hope it continues all over town.”

The hopscotch is now running back down the hill on the other side of the road.
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And 59-year-old Dave even added his own square for his daughters, Charlotte and Emma, who are working for the NHS in England.

Jenny has also been working on a photo series called Looking For Rainbows, which aims to document images of rainbows being displayed in windows with a captioned message of hope from their creators alongside. Her project can also be found on Instagram (@_Looking_For_Rainbows) and she is hoping to reach 100.