Fox News ratings slump as Tucker Carlson breaks silence after exit

Former Fox News broadcaster Tucker Carlson has taken to social media following his departure from the broadcaster in a video lashing out at "liars trying to silence" honest people.

The controversial TV host posted a two minute video to Twitter two days after his exit – but did not address the reasons for his dismissal.

Early reports from CNN suggest that Fox News experienced its lowest ratings since September 1, 2001, in the 25/55-year-old demographic during their 8pm slot following the departure of Tucker Carlson.

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Carlson departure Fox days after the company had settled a defamation lawsuit over its reporting of the 2020 presidential election with the company stating that Fox News and Carlson had agreed to "part ways".

The 53-year-old shared a cryptic two-minute video on his Twitter account that did not explain his exit, but complained about the state of the nation adding that “when you step away from the noise for a few days,”

He also hit out at TV news and debates stating: “The other thing you notice when you take a little time off is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are.

“They’re completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. In five years we won’t even remember we heard them. Trust me, as somebody who participated.”

He ended his speech with: “Where can you still find Americans saying true things?”

“There aren’t many places left but there are some and that’s enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

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