Even Inspector Rebus was in the dark as power blackout hits more than 88,000 homes in Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Borders

A power cut has plunged large swathes of Edinburgh, the Lothians and parts of the Borders into darkness.

Thousands of homes across hundreds of EH postcodes, and further from the city, suffered a sudden loss of electricity at around 8.50pm.

SP Energy Networks, the arm of utilities giant Scottish Power responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses tweeted that engineers were working to restore the supply, predicting the repairs would be complete by 11.15pm.

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Some residents in Edinburgh reported loss of their supply is ongoing while others say power was restored within minutes.

The blackout prompted hundreds of social media posts with residents wondering why they had been left in the dark, including Inspector Rebus detective thriller writer Ian Rankin, who tweeted: “40-minute power cut stretching from Edinburgh to Peebles. Spent 35 of those minutes finding torch and adding fresh batteries...”

An SP Energy Networks spokesperson confirmed the extent of the huge blackout, saying: “Around 88,000 customers across the Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders areas were affected by a power cut for a short time this evening due to a fault on our transmission network.

" Power was restored to most customers within 20 minutes, with the remainder back on around 25 minutes later. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank everyone affected for their understanding while we worked to restore supplies.”

These are all the postcodes Scottish Power state are affected: DG97JY, EH1, EH10, EH101AA, EH104, EH104AA, EH104AB, EH104AD, EH104AE, EH104AF, EH104AG, EH104AH, EH104AJ, EH104AL, EH104AN, EH104AP, EH104AQ, EH104AR, EH104AS, EH104AW, EH104AX, EH104AY, EH104AZ, EH104BA, EH104BD, EH104BE, EH104BF, EH104BG, EH104BJ, EH104BL, EH104BN, EH104BP, EH104BQ, EH104BR, EH104BS, EH104BT, EH104BW, EH104BX, EH104BY, EH104BZ, EH104DA, EH104DB, EH104DD, EH104DE, EH104DF, EH104DG, EH104DH, EH104DJ, EH104DL, EH104DN, EH104DP, EH104DQ, EH104DR, EH104DS, EH104DW, EH104DX, EH104DY, EH104DZ, EH104EA, EH104EB, EH104ED, EH104EE, EH104EF, EH104EG, EH104EH, EH104EL, EH104EN, EH104EP, EH104EQ, EH104ER, EH104ES, EH104ET, EH104EU, EH104EW, EH104EX, EH104EY, EH104EZ, EH104FG, EH104HD, EH104HE, EH104HG, EH104HH, EH104HJ, EH104HN, EH104HP, EH104HQ, EH104HR, EH104HS, EH104HT, EH104HU, EH104HW, EH104HX, EH104HY, EH104HZ, EH104JA, EH104JB, EH104JD, EH104JE, EH104JF, EH104JG, EH104JH, EH104JJ, EH104JL, EH104JN, EH104JQ, EH104JS, EH104JT, EH104JU, EH104LA, EH104LD, EH104LE, EH104LF, EH104LG, EH104LP, EH104LW, EH104LY, EH104LZ, EH104NA, EH104NB, EH104NH, EH104NR, EH104NT, EH104PU, EH104PX, EH104PY, EH104PZ, EH104QA, EH104QB, EH104QD, EH104QE, EH104QF, EH104QG, EH104QH, EH104QJ, EH104QL, EH104QN, EH104QP, EH104QQ, EH104QR, EH104QS, EH104QT, EH104QU, EH104QW, EH104QX, EH104QY, EH104QZ, EH104RA, EH104RB, EH104RD, EH104RE, EH104RF, EH104RH, EH104RJ, EH104RL, EH104RN, EH104RP, EH104RQ, EH104RS, EH104RT, EH104RU, EH104RW, EH104RX, EH104RY, EH104SA, EH104SB, EH104SD, EH104SE, EH104SF, EH104SG, EH104SH, EH104SJ, EH104SQ, EH104ST, EH104SU, EH104SX, EH104SY, EH104SZ, EH104TE, EH104TQ, EH104WW, EH104ZA, EH104ZZ, EH105, EH105AD, EH105BW, EH105D, EH105DP, EH105DR, EH105DS, EH105DT, EH105DU, EH105DW, EH105DX, EH105DY, EH105DZ, EH105EA, EH105ER, EH105ES, EH105FA, EH105FT, EH105GA, EH105GB, EH105GD, EH105GE, EH105GF, EH105GG, EH105GH, EH105GJ, EH105GL, EH105GN, EH105GZ, EH105HA, EH105HB, EH105HD, EH105HF, EH105HG, EH105HH, EH105HL, EH105HN, EH105HQ, EH105HS, EH105HT, EH105HU, EH105HW, EH105HX, EH105HY, EH105HZ, EH105JB, EH105JD, EH105JE, EH105JF, EH105JG, EH105JL, EH105JN, EH105JP, EH105JQ, EH105JR, EH105JS, EH105JT, EH105JU, EH105JX, EH105JY, EH105JZ, EH105LA, EH105LB, EH105LD, EH105LE, EH105LF, EH105LG, EH105LH, EH105LJ, EH105LL, EH105LN, EH105LQ, EH105LR, EH105LS, EH105LT, EH105LW, EH105LX, EH105LY, EH105LZ, EH105NA, EH105NB, EH105ND, EH105NE, EH105NF, EH105NG, EH105NH, EH105NJ, EH105NL, EH105NN, EH105NP, EH105NQ, EH105NR, EH105NS, EH105NT, EH105NU, EH105NW, EH105NX, EH105NY, EH105PA, EH105PB, EH105PD, EH105PE, EH105PF, EH105PG, EH105PH, EH105PJ, EH105PL, EH105PN, EH105PP, EH105PQ, EH105PR, EH105PS, EH105PT, EH105PU, EH105PW, EH105PX, EH105PY, EH105PZ, EH105QA, EH105QB, EH105QD, EH105QE, EH105QF, EH105QH, EH105QJ, EH105QL, EH105QN, EH105QP, EH105QQ, EH105QR, EH105QS, EH105QT, EH105QU, EH105QW, EH105QX, EH105QY, EH105RA, EH105RB, EH105RD, EH105RE, EH105RF, EH105RG, EH105RH, EH105RJ, EH105RL, EH105RN, EH105RP, EH105RR, EH105RS, EH105RT, EH105RU, EH105RW, EH105RX, EH105RY, EH105SA, EH105SE, EH105SG, EH105SH, EH105SJ, EH105SL, EH105SN, EH105SP, EH105SQ, EH105SR, EH105SS, EH105ST, EH105SU, EH105SW, EH105SX, EH105SY, EH105SZ, EH105TA, EH105TB, EH105TD, EH105TE, EH105TG, EH105TH, EH105TL, EH105TP, EH105TQ, EH105TR, EH105TT, EH105TU, EH105TX, EH105TY, EH105TZ, EH105UN, EH105UW, EH105WW, EH105XA, EH105XB, EH105XD, EH105XE, EH105XF, EH105XG, EH106, EH106AA, EH106AB, EH106AD, EH106AE, EH106AF, EH106AG, EH106AH, EH106AJ, EH106AL, EH106AP, EH106AQ, EH106AR, EH106AS, EH106AT, EH106AU, EH106AX, EH106BE, EH106DB, EH106DD, EH106DE, EH106DF, EH106EH, EH106EL, EH106EN, EH106EP, EH106ER, EH106ES, EH106ET, EH106EU, EH106EW, EH106EY, EH106EZ, EH106GZ, EH106HA, EH106HB, EH106HD, EH106HE, EH106HF, EH106HG, EH106HH, EH106HJ, EH106HL, EH106HN, EH106HP, EH106HQ, EH106HR, EH106HS, EH106HT, EH106HU, EH106HW, EH106HY, EH106HZ, EH106JA, EH106JB, EH106JD, EH106JE, EH106JF, EH106JH, EH106JJ, EH106JL, 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EH91TZ, EH91UA, EH91UB, EH91UD, EH91UE, EH91UH, EH91UN, EH91UQ, EH91UU, EH91WW, EH91XX, EH91ZZ, EH92AA, EH92AB, EH92AD, EH92AE, EH92AF, EH92AG, EH92AH, EH92AJ, EH92AL, EH92AN, EH92AP, EH92AQ, EH92AR, EH92AS, EH92AT, EH92AW, EH92AX, EH92AY, EH92AZ, EH92BA, EH92BB, EH92BD, EH92BE, EH92BG, EH92BH, EH92BJ, EH92BL, EH92BN, EH92BP, EH92BR, EH92BS, EH92BT, EH92BU, EH92BW, EH92BZ, EH92DA, EH92DB, EH92DD, EH92DE, EH92DF, EH92DG, EH92DH, EH92DJ, EH92DP, EH92DQ, EH92DR, EH92DS, EH92DT, EH92DW, EH92DX, EH92DY, EH92DZ, EH92EA, EH92EB, EH92ED, EH92EE, EH92EF, EH92EG, EH92EH, EH92EJ, EH92EL, EH92EN, EH92EP, EH92ER, EH92ES, EH92ET, EH92EU, EH92EW, EH92EX, EH92EY, EH92EZ, EH92HA, EH92HB, EH92HD, EH92HE, EH92HF, EH92HG, EH92HH, EH92HJ, EH92HQ, EH92HY, EH92HZ, EH92JA, EH92JB, EH92JD, EH92JE, EH92JF, EH92JG, EH92JH, EH92JJ, EH92JL, EH92JN, EH92JP, EH92JS, EH92JT, EH92JU, EH92JW, EH92JY, EH92LD, EH92LE, EH92LF, EH92LG, EH92LH, EH92LJ, EH92LL, EH92LN, EH92LP, EH92LQ, EH92LR, EH92LS, EH92LT, EH92LU, EH92LW, EH92LX, EH92LZ, EH92ND, EH92NE, EH92NG, EH92NH, EH92NJ, EH92NL, EH92NN, EH92NP, EH92NQ, EH92NR, EH92NS, EH92NT, EH92NU, EH92NW, EH92NX, EH92NY, EH92NZ, EH92PA, EH92PB, EH92PD, EH92PG, EH92PH, EH92PN, EH92PS, EH92PT, EH92PU, EH92QX, EH92QY, EH92QZ, EH92RA, EH92RB, EH92WW, EH92ZZ, EH93AA, EH93AD, EH93AE, EH93AF, EH93AG, EH93AH, EH93DS, EH93DY, EH93DZ, EH93EA, EH93EB, EH93ED, EH93EE, EH93EF, EH93EN, EH93EW, EH97NL, KY62RP, M169AE, TD145LS, ZZ999ZZ



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