Edinburgh woman goes viral with Christmas joke on unsuspecting dad

Many families enjoy playing a practical joke with loved ones at Christmas time.

But one woman from Edinburgh saw her carefully thought-out prank at the expense of her unsuspecting dad go viral - with thousands of people around the world sharing it across social media.

Judy Brown managed to fool her father into tucking into what he presumed was a Ferrero Rocher - but was actually a chocolate-covered Brussells sprout.

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Brown, a professional singer now based in London, returned to her family home in the Capital to hatch the hilarious plot.

She revealed in a step-by-step account on Twitter just how she pulled off the elaborate prank.

She replicated the iconic treat by coating the vegetable in melted chocolate with crushed hazelnuts before hiding them in gold foil.

“Some of you out there may recall that in 2016 I played an excellent Christmas prank on my long-suffering Dad. It worked a treat,’ she tweeted.

“Last year I decided to play the long game and didn’t tamper with the confectionery: spooked by the year before, he would not touch a single Ferrero Rocher (which was great because he usually inhales them at 750mph) so there were Ferreros aplenty for the rest of us. I bided my time.

Common name: Brussels sproutCommon name: Brussels sprout
Common name: Brussels sprout

“And so, yesterday, home for Christmas and with the devil at my elbow, I embarked on my most audacious sprout prank yet.”

When her father was out on Christmas Eve, she whipped up the ingredients in the kitchen before individually coating a raw sprout in chocolate.

“I dipped the sprouts in chocolate, rolled them in chopped hazelnuts, and did all I could to replicate the iconic Ferrero,’ she added.

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“I re-wrapped and (this is crucial) re-sealed the box with its original tape and a tiny dab of glue. Then secreted it amongst a bag of tasty gifts from my Aunt and retired to watch from afar,’ she said.

“Last night he viewed them with suspicion when they came out the bag... but I was out all day, how could I have tampered with them? He abstained and they sat in the kitchen all night.

“This bright Christmas morning we were gathered round the tree, drinking tea and opening presents. Dad eyed the box. He quite likes a post-brekkie Ferrero. He approached. I hovered in the kitchen, careful not to spook him.

“And Lo! He opened. He EXAMINED. He unwrapped. He examined FURTHER. Fears allayed, he popped the whole thing in his mouth. His face played a symphony of emotions: satisfaction, triumph, smugness, consternation, confusion, realisation, horror, disgust.”

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