Dennyloanhead youngsters plead: ‘Give our little cat back’

A beloved feline friend has been missing since May and now her owners fear she has been taken in by someone who is not going to give her back.

The Strang children, Shannon, Chloe and Connor, have not seen their cat since it went missing from Dennyloanhead back in May

The Strang family do not want to give out the name of their 18-month female cat – who was last seen near their house in Loanhead Avenue, Dennyloanhead on May 10 – but they have put her image on posters which they have distributed and displayed throughout the area.

Now missing for three months, the Strang youngsters Shannon (14), Chloe (6) and especially Connor (11), who has additional support needs, are starting to think they will never see their furry pal – a constant in their lives since she was just seven-weeks-old – ever again.

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“It’s the not knowing what happened to her,” said mum Amanda (42). “That’s the worst part. If she had been knocked down or killed we would know about it because she has been chipped and people who deal with the bodies have to report it.

“While she is chipped, she doesn’t wear a collar because she is a real climber and I’m scared she might get it caught on something. She’s the kind of wee cat who would never go far from home and has never done anything like this before.

“Since she’s not been taken to a vet or the cat rescue and scanned we can only assume someone must have taken her in and is looking after her. I see what it’s doing to Connor and the kids and it’s breaking my heart.”

Amanda and husband Jonathan have been trying to keep their children’s spirits up, but as time goes on they are all beginning to fear the worst.

Amanda said: “Connor has additional support needs and is starting Carrongrange High School this month. His mental health has taken a bit of a dip – he can’t understand why she hasn’t come home and thinks she no longer loves him. We’re worried he won’t be able to cope with high school if he is missing the cat.

“Chloe keeps asking where the cat is and she doesn’t understand why she is not around anymore. I told the children she had gone on an adventure, but they are starting to realise that’s not the case.”

The Strang’s poster campaign never turned up any leads on their missing loved one’s whereabouts, but the family is still hopeful someone, somewhere will come forward with information on the cat when they realise the effect it is having on Connor and the other children.