Deep alarm as almost 20 more drug deaths recorded in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray than previous year

Tess White MSP has described an increase in drug deaths across the North East as “deeply alarming” and “heartbreaking” as the region recorded almost 20 more deaths to illicit substances compared to the same period last year.

New figures released by the Scottish Government show 75 people died in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray up to the end of September.

The figure is an increase on the same period last year when 56 people were killed in the North East from taking illicit substances. And in just three months between July and September, 29 people died from drugs across the region.

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Scottish Conservative deputy health spokesperson and North East MSP Tess White says the drugs-death epidemic is Scotland’s national shame.

Ms White said: “These catastrophic and heartbreaking figures indicate that the SNP are no closer to solving the drugs death epidemic that has spiralled on their watch. The rise in fatalities across the North East this year is deeply alarming – and every single death is a tragedy for the victim’s loved ones.

“SNP ministers, having shamefully taken their eye off the ball, remain unable to get a grip on this national emergency and seem to be pinning all their hopes on consumption rooms as the solution. Instead, they should be focused on improving access to treatment and rehab programmes for those with addiction problems . Humza Yousaf and co need to stop dithering and finally back the Right to Recovery Bill”