Councillors band together to demand action on A90

Five north-east councillors have sent a letter to Transport Minister Fiona Hyslop MSP raising concerns over A90 blackspots.

Ellon councillors Gillian Owen and John Crawley, Buchan councillor Hannah Powell, Fraserburgh councillor James Adams and Peterhead councillor Matthew James have collectively signed the letter expressing their concern over the fact that another year has passed and the road network north of Ellon to Peterhead and Fraserburgh still does not seem to be a priority for the Scottish Government.

In the letter they state: “The A90 Ellon onwards and its interaction with A952, are notorious blackspots, the A90 has both the infamous Toll of Birness junction and the A952 has the equally infamous Cortes junction.

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"In 2007 the then First Minister, Alex Salmond ‘promised that within 100 days of him being FM the spade would be in the ground to start the dualling to Peterhead.’

Councillors say it makes economic sense to upgrade the road network.Councillors say it makes economic sense to upgrade the road network.
Councillors say it makes economic sense to upgrade the road network.

"We realise that Mr Salmond made several promises where roads were concerned and very few of them have come to fruition.

"We as councillors representing the wards along the A90, A952 and the dangerous junctions of the Toll of Birness and Cortes make a plea to you to take another look at road improvements to alleviate the dangers of driving in these areas.

"The main issue with the A90 and A952 is they are single carriageway with considerable HGV usage and are no longer fit for purpose.

"They service two major ports Peterhead and Fraserburgh and the huge fishing and farming industry as well as the existing Oil industry and the new renewable industry.

"This is furthered with the prospective works at the Peterhead Power Station which is looking at expansion and developing its own Carbon Capture elements, the SSEN Transmission works to support the growth of renewables and the Acorn project at St Fergus, plus the exciting Fraserburgh Harbour Masterplan.

"All these projects will be significantly hampered with our poor infrastructure.

"It makes economic sense to upgrade the road network, to unlock the Northeast and remove the throttle on economic development for Scotland.”